Pay per head:I'm the (stamped) man: Colin Kaepernick fined $10,000 for earphones

Pay per head: Colin Kaepernick.

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pay per head
Beats by Dre creates top of the line earphones, however they're presumably not worth the $10,000 San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick paid to wear them a week ago.

The NFL, which simply fined Denver Broncos tight end Julius Thomas and Cleveland Browns linebacker Christian Kirksey somewhat more than $8,200 each for grimy hits last Sunday, fined Kaepernick $10,000 for wearing non-sanction earphones in a postgame public interview, as indicated by CSN Bay Area's Matt Maiocco.

The NFL has another manage Bose earphones, and banned players from wearing different earphones in postgame meetings. Beats by Dre, in a stroke of promoting virtuoso, has picked up prominence to a limited extent on the grounds that competitors appear to dependably have the earphones around their neck or planted on their head when they're on cam before or after per head

What's more one would envision that Kaepernick, one of the primary representatives for Beats by Dre, was told that the multi-billion dollar earphones organization would pay whatever fine Kaepernick got for keeping on wearring the item. For an organization like that, $10,000 in promoting for being piece of a NFL debate is simply a sound venture.

The NFL has a long history of ensuring its official backers, and giving out fines when players wear unapproved apparatus some time recently, amid or after amusements. NFL principles say that players can't wear unapproved earphones (or other apparatus) for 90 minutes after the amusement closes. Kaepernick did a vital advertisement for Beats by Dre business to Aloe Blacc's tune, "The Man," and has presumably turned into the competitor most connected with the earphones.