Pay per head: Adrian Peterson's capture asked.

Pay per head: Adrian Peterson's.

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Prosecutors in Montgomery County, Texas, have recorded paperwork to have Adrian Peterson's safeguard repudiated and the Minnesota Vikings running back re-captured after he told a medication analyzer that he had as of late smoked pot before taking a urinalysis test Wednesday..

Peterson has been free on $15,000 bond on a charge of lawful offense tyke misuse. A trial has probably been set to start Dec. 1.

There likely won't be any activity Thursday on the prosecutors' recording, as the current judge in the Peterson case is booked for a recusal hearing.

Peterson did not enter a supplication amid Wednesday's listening ability, however Hardin has said his customer means to argue not blameworthy.

On the off chance that he is sentenced on the kid misuse indictment, Peterson could confront six months to two years in state jail, however he could be put on post trial supervision as a first-time guilty party. He likewise could be subjected to NFL train under the group's upgraded aggressive behavior at home strategy, which can suspend players for up to six weeks.

Peterson has been on the NFL's absolved/magistrate's authorization list since Sept. 17, and he is getting his full $11.75 million compensation. Yet he is banned from all group exercises until his case is determined.

On the off chance that the Vikings are going to keep Peterson past not long from now, they will again need to consider the funds, and substantially more.

He is because of make $12.75 million in 2015 as a 30-year-old running back, and the Vikings would need to tally simply $2.4 million of dead cash against their compensation top on the off chance that they were to discharge him.

There's a lot of thundering allied rounds that if the Vikings did part with Peterson, it would be through an exchange as opposed to a discharge. While an alternate group would experience difficulty engrossing Peterson's agreement, that issue could be tackled effortlessly enough with an expansion that cuts Peterson's general pay, gives him some ensured cash and spreads the top hit out over a few seasons that Peterson may never play.