Pay per head: Why can't Bears acknowledge potential?

Pay per head:Chicago Bears.

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Regarding the matter of the everlasting guarantee and ordinary aftereffects of the Marc Trestman-brand Bears offense, its beginning to help me to remember that remaking group on the North Side.

We'll discuss the future grandness and look past the grotesqueness of the present until its all previously.

Here's the rub: The Cubs may understand their terrific future before the Bears' offense.

Hey, don't chuckle. What do you think happens in the first place, the Bears get seven wins or the Cubs get Jon Lester?

It's five recreations into Year 2 of Trestman and Jay Cutler's marriage, and nobody's glad. What happened to the special night period?

Perhaps the truth is Roman Harper, Father Time himself, hunkering down on our elevated requirements and sending them to the turf.

Still, its not like I had high trusts coming into the season. I anticipated 9-7, however I thought the offense would be better. I thought it would be okay at something. It's most certainly not.

Then, the guard, while sporadically feisty in bringing about takeaways, can't make enough stops in advance. The extraordinary groups is humiliating - new Bear Teddy Williams' punishment that prompted the Panthers' first touchdown was amateur night. The Bears' offense gets yards, yet they're vacant calories without the touchdowns.

Trestman's virtuoso blast offense has scored three focuses add up to in the previous two second parts. In that compass, the Bears have five turnovers.

On Sunday, the Bears had five final quarter drives that netted 27 yards. Three of those drives finished in a turnover, however, to be reasonable, Cutler's bumble on fourth-and-21 to end the diversion went ahead a sack. Prior, he had an essential interference, which Forte took after with a mishandle.

Cutler went 28-for-36 for 289 yards with three touchdowns (one surging) and two block attempts. He was sacked four times.

Strength had 105 accepting yards on 12 discovers, including a 10-yard touchdown, his first of the season, to run with 61 hurrying yards on 17 conveys.PAY PER HEAD

Great numbers, terrible results.

It's not like the Bears are producing long touchdown drives. Of the Bears' three touchdowns Sunday, two came in short-field circumstances after an opposing takeaway. The keep going touchdown, which began on the Chicago 32 after a punt, was a 25-yard go to Alshon Jeffery on a screen play, which accompanied 10:59 left in the second quarter.

The extraordinary Panthers barrier, basically linebacker Luke Kuechly and a few loners, kept the Bears' offense out of the end zone on its last eight belonging..

The Bears aren't 2-3 coincidentally. This isn't luck or a learning period. It's simply a fair group moseying its path down the timetable, one amusement at once.

It's a considerable measure of easily overlooked details, Cutler said of the offense. Turnovers are harming us. Turnovers at basic times have harmed us, particularly in the second half. We've possessed the capacity to overcome them in the first half, yet some of these second-half [turnovers] are harming us. I've got to take a gander at those.

We accuse Cutler for a considerable measure, and surely he has his shortcomings - particularly in the second a large portion of this season - yet its not all on him. It's simply terrible things have a tendency to happen on his group. Cutler's Law, sort of.

With simply more than three minutes left in the a large portion of, the Bears held a 21-7 lead. On third-and-13 from their own particular 20, Cutler discovered Forte 2 yards behind the line of scrimmage with Brian de la Puente and Kyle Long clearing the street. Strong point kept away from one tackle with his velocity, broke an alternate with his will and darted up the right sideline with tight end Martellus Bennett dashing to be his limo driver to the end zone.

Inside the Panthers' 40, however, Bennett appeared to moderate up, permitting Harper to handle Forte too far out at the Panthers' 24-yard line

Time to put it away, correct? Three plays later, Robbie Gould missed a 35-yard field objective.

In the resulting two-moment drill, Cam Newton went 5-for-6 for 72 yards, coming full circle in a 9-yard touchdown go to Greg Olsen - recall that him? - that made it 21-14 at the half.

So why did Bennett whiff on the square, which he could have effortlessly made? It wouldn't have ensured a score - two different Panthers were on Forte's tail - however it might've had the effect.

Bennett said he ran from the opposite side of the field once he saw Forte break that handle and was simply attempting to get before him to make a square.

Yet it hurt not to get focuses off a play like that, correct?

Did we not score? Bennett said, before recollecting Gould's missed kick.

That play didn't lose the amusement, yet it demonstrates why the Bears continue losing winnable diversions.

As the Bears sulked once more to their locker room.