Pay per head: James Jones: Raiders in 'must-win' vs. Dolphins

Pay per head: Raiders in must win amusement

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It's Week 4.
pay per head
We haven't even arrived at the quarter-shaft of the 2014 season yet.

Yet, for the Oakland Raiders, Sunday's London-held tussle against the Miami Dolphins has veteran recipient James Jones playing the  game  card.

We should simply throw it out there: Even with a win, the Raiders aren't making the playoffs.

Granted, 0-4 is a demise ring; one and only group in NFL history has ever returned from that begin to make the playoffs: the 1992 San Diego Chargers. Anyway even a 1-3 group verifiably has recently a 14.5 percent opportunity to make the playoffs.

It's not simply math that is against Oakland. A general absence of ability and profundity, and also playing in the AFC's best division, will eventually fork the Raiders.

pay per headSo while Jones alludes to the playoffs in respect to why he pegged Sunday an unquestionable requirement win amusement, in all actuality he could be doing so for a much distinctive reason: sparing his mentor's employment.

I've kidded that the washout of the Raiders-Dolphins matchup ought to simply leave their mentor in London. While that won't happen (would it be able to happen, legitimately?), the losing group's mentor may firmly consider putting his home available. pay per head

The Raiders have indicated change the last couple of weeks, yet Dennis Allen must demonstrate that he has the group cruising in the right course. Losing to a wallowing Dolphins group squabbling amongst itself won't help.