Pay per head news: A real contender on every level

15 05 14 - 18:04

To the observer Tom sometimes lookes more like a pop figure than a pro sports player.
The much hyped pro has barley been on aired games, but it's pointing to show that he is, in fact, a genuine soul.

Savage a 4th round pick! A 4 year contract! His agents told him the good news on thursday.

Being the 135th pick is a hard pill to swallow, but he has all the tools to be real contender on every level.
 A great arm, exellent

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Pay per head news: Blackhawks getting second wind. Eye on the prize

15 05 14 - 15:11


Over the season and Playoffs they've played a huge number of games, over one hundred and sixtey games in a little over a year, and that's not including games played by the 10 Blackhawks who participated in the 2014 Sochi games.

That's a lot a games, with a lot of high-quality games weakens their bodies and minds. Coming off a six-game ending against Minnesota , there are murmurs that some of Chicagos players are running on empty into the West Conference , They'll caper the mortal of Occupation 7 on Friday between the Anahiem

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Pay per head news: USA vs. Belgium

15 05 14 - 12:19


Belgium will face the United States pre event on  the 12th of June. Opening day, it is just a friendly match staged behind closed doors in Sao Paulo.

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