Pay per head: NFL to audit affirmations vs. Burfic.

14 10 14 - 14:53

pay per headThe NFL will audit affirmations that Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict deliberately turned the lower legs of Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and tight end Greg Olsen as they lay on the ground after touchdowns Sunday.

Pumas mentor Ron Rivera sent tapes of the plays to the alliance office supporting the allegations. A source told ESPN NFL Insider Ed Werder that the tapes uncover the lower leg curving is a larger number of clear on the Newton play than it is on the play where Olsen was harmed.

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Pay per head: NFL-arrangement select outs low; obstacle exists.

13 10 14 - 14:40

pay per head
Restriction to the NFL blackout settlement has everything except disintegrated, with most resigned players advising their lawyers that they plan to grudgingly acknowledge the arrangement regardless of its defects, players and lawyers included in the case told Outside the Lines.

With the due date for players to announce their expectations approaching Tuesday, lawyers anticipated that out of in the ballpark of 18,000 previous players qualified for the settlement, as meager as a couple of dozen.

The decreasing resistance improves the probability that the settlement will be affirmed after a reasonableness hearing before U.s. Locale Judge Anita Brody one month from now in Philadelphia. However its in no way, shape or form a conviction, as a protest recorded a week ago by seven players challenges the settlement's essential fundamentals, and agents for a few conspicuous previous players - including Junior Seau and Hall of Famers Tony Dorsett and Joe Delamielleure - have shown regardless they plan to withdraw. The settlement distributes money installments and restorative checking to previous players or their relatives who qualify under a confused payment plan.

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Pay per head: QB Tom Brady limited in practice.

11 10 14 - 20:36

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Quarterback Tom Brady was the most up to date expansion to a long harm report for the New England Patriots on Friday. Brady was constrained in practice with a lower leg harm and is authoritatively recorded as sketchy for Sunday's diversion in Buffalo.

Brady was not recorded on the group's damage cover Wednesday and Thursday. He was in participation for the extending allotment of practice, so it is obscure when the harm happened.

Brady's expansion to the damage report could imply that he changed the harm at practice on Friday.

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