Pay per head news: A real contender on every level

15 05 14 - 18:04

To the observer Tom sometimes lookes more like a pop figure than a pro sports player.
The much hyped pro has barley been on aired games, but it's pointing to show that he is, in fact, a genuine soul.

Savage a 4th round pick! A 4 year contract! His agents told him the good news on thursday.

Being the 135th pick is a hard pill to swallow, but he has all the tools to be real contender on every level.
 A great arm, exellent

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Pay per head news: Blackhawks getting second wind. Eye on the prize

15 05 14 - 15:11


Over the season and Playoffs they've played a huge number of games, over one hundred and sixtey games in a little over a year, and that's not including games played by the 10 Blackhawks who participated in the 2014 Sochi games.

That's a lot a games, with a lot of high-quality games weakens their bodies and minds. Coming off a six-game ending against Minnesota , there are murmurs that some of Chicagos players are running on empty into the West Conference , They'll caper the mortal of Occupation 7 on Friday between the Anahiem

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Pay per head news: USA vs. Belgium

15 05 14 - 12:19


Belgium will face the United States pre event on  the 12th of June. Opening day, it is just a friendly match staged behind closed doors in Sao Paulo.

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Pay per head news Belgium scores big with Januzaj

15 05 14 - 11:42

pay-per-head-brazilBelgian officer Vincent Kompany is waiting to invite Manchester United's young gun Adnan Januzaj into the restrain for the FIFA World Cup.


Januzaj, 19, has been drafted into tech Marc Wilmots' crew for Brazil after declaring his dedication to the homeland. The kicker had been eligible for a multitude of countries, and there had been some rumors that he was going for England, before eventually declaring for Belgium finally month.

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Pay per head news: Ausies mount their team for the world cup

14 05 14 - 20:13

pay-per-head-world cup
The twenty one year young gun was added into the crew by fellow centre-back,Curtis Good despite the Metropolis Federate man's performing reading on loan at Dundee United being seriously unfree by hurt in past months.
 Uncapped forward Ben Halloran, who had to actuation out of the neighbourly unit to confronting Ecuador in Marching, has conventional another call-up succeeding his moving become for Fortuna Dusseldorf in the 2. Bundesliga this flavor.

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Pay per head news: Injured and out at least for now.

14 05 14 - 19:52

pay-per-headWe have had enough reminders in 2014 that no one is free from hurt, so the ball gods saw fit to set their sights on Marlins' ace Jose Fernandez.

While  he is undergoing an MRI in Los Angeles, and is set to be on the unfit list



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Pay per head: He is stoked about our bookie pph service.

14 05 14 - 16:34

stoked-on-pay-per-headTwo years prior ,Scott Kazmir was a fear to his opponets.  Faced with what happens to  young pitchers  young pitchers are not reliable.

Boy, when they stoked, they sure fire up.

Almost 20 months ago, Kazmir was close to closing with 33 batters in 64 innings for the Sweeten Land Skeeters. He was outpitched by Tim ...



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Pay Per Head :: Jason Heyward Atlanta per head

14 05 14 - 15:35

pay-per-head-jasonJason Heyward's triumphed at sliding around Posey, motion what appeared to be a trusty out into a
run that launched Atlanta's three-run, sixth-inning assemblage, taught the Giants that zilch is predestined.
The new rules aimed at unhelpful home-plate collisions that govern baserunners and catchers also
are a reckon. Proscribed in numerous cases by tilling through the catcher, runners bang institute new
methods -- Giants trainer Medico Bochy called them "ingenious" -- of touch the dejection.



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